Name: Kay Noble
Year Inducted: 2010

Kay Noble

Mary Charlene "Kay" Noble weighed only 132 pounds at the peak of her career, but this is one case where you don't judge a book by its cover. "If they would have had a girl champion ā€” I'm talking about a real girl champion ā€” Kay Noble would have been the world champion," veteran star Sonny Myers, who helped to train her, said on her passing in 2006. Noble got hooked on wrestling as a teenager growing up in St. Joseph, Mo., and was bugging promoter Gust Karras to give her a shot when she was just 15. Karras could hold off only so long, and Noble had matches before she was out of high school. "I guess I was sports crazy," she shrugged in a 1965 interview. "I played softball, basketball, and even a little football." In the ring, she made up in intensity what she lacked in size, and her long red hair accentuated the fire in her style. One example should suffice. In Nebraska, Tom Andrews as "The Claw" was managing Ox Baker when a melee broke out. Baker headed for the hills, leaving Andrews, recovering from a broken leg, to face onrushing fans. "Kay Noble came out and saved me. Iā€™m not kidding you. She came out. I did have a walker on my cast, and I could walk. Of course, I was swinging punches just like her. Boy, she led me back to the dressing room, just knocking guys on their butt." Noble held championships in Texas and her home Central States promotion, and was considered one of the top American women to work in Japan in the 1970s. In later years, she operated an upholstery business before she died of cancer at 65. One the day she was laid to rest in Amarillo, Texas, her son Michael Lindzy, watched as she earned one final tribute. "We noticed that all on-coming traffic, kids at the local high school, and even a man on a riding lawn mower, suddenly stopped what they were doing, and rendered motionless to pay respects to our mother as she passed by."

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