Name: Lionel Giroux
Year Inducted: 2003
Induction Category: Midget Wrestler

Little Beaver

Lionel Giroux is a name not well known in the world of wrestling. However, under his nag name he became a favorite to fans around the world. Little Beaver, aka Lionel Giroux, started his wrestling career in 1948 under the late Jack Britton. He was one of the more than two dozen midgets that were on the wrestling circuit. His famed Mohawk haircut and Indian ring gear made him an instant favorite with the fans. His wrestling skills surpassed his height of four feet two inches. He took part in an international tournament of midget wrestling in Paris, France to become recognized as the Midget World Champion. His high flying moves and drop kicks were all the rage during his matches. His days as a wrestler gave fans world wide a great enjoyment. The Canadian native departed from our world in December of 1996.

-Tom Burke

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