Name: Leon Stap
Year Inducted: 2005
Induction Category: Midget Wrestler

Fuzzy Cupid

Precious little information is readily available on the personal lives of the mighty midgets of the wrestling world. These highly entertaining wrestlers were almost treated generically during their ring careers. Fortunately, in the case of legendary matman Fuzzy Cupid, a biographical article authored by famed writer Stanley Weston appeared in the October 1959 issue of “Man’s Magazine”.

Fuzzy was born on September 24, 1928 in Newport, Rhode Island. His real name was Leon Stap, although it has been reported as being Leon Stop. Both of his parents were of normal stature. At age seven, Fuzzy suffered from infantile paralysis and spent six long years in St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson.

At age seventeen, he entered public school and experienced social cruelty from many of his classmates. He later left home and appeared in a road show of “Snow White”. Fuzzy played the role of Grumpy!

While in Galveston, Texas, Fuzzy went to a wrestling match for the first time and saw midgets in action. He met with Galveston promoter Norman Brown, who sent Fuzzy to Detroit for training. At that point in time, the midgets were booked out of Detroit by Bert Rubi and Jack Britton. Cupid had his professional wrestling debut in 1952.

During his career, Cupid made up to twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) per year as a wrestler. Such an income was very impressive in the 1950’s. . He is well-remembered for his tag team matches with partner Sky Low Low, another inductee in the PWHF. Fuzzy suffered several severe injuries including a fractured vertebra and a four-inch switch blade scar. Both of these traumas occurred at the hands of uncontrolled fans. At four-feet tall and eighty-six pounds and being a heel, Fuzzy was a target of such fan violence.

Fuzzy passed away in 1976 but he will always bring a smile to the faces of those who remember him from his ring appearances as well as to those who view his videos.

- Bob Bryla

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